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Cambridge Silicon Radio Introduces New GPS Technology

GPS chip maker Cambridge Silicon Radio has announced a breakthrough in GPS technology that would let GPS devices work both indoors and outdoors.

Due to technology constraints, GPS devices were able to pinpoint a location within 50 meters, but with the breakthrough announced by CSR, GPS devices will be able to give accurate locations to 10 meters, as reported by The Telegraph.

CSR makes chips for GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi which are used in automobiles and smartphone devices.

The company said it has developed a new platform called SiRiFusion which allows GPS chips to work seamlessly both indoors and outdoors. It announced the SiRFstarV series of chips, the first with the new technology, will be launched next year.

"Whenever people use their smartphones to search for something, or check in on Facebook, location is pivotal. But GPS doesn't work indoors and Wi-Fi positioning is spotty and inaccurate, which means people often get frustrated. This will bring all those experiences indoors," said Blake Bullock, product manager at CSR, adding that the technology is expected to give rise to a new breed of location based services and marketing.