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Don't Worry, Siri Won't Devour Your iPhone 4S Monthly Data Allowance

Despite some concerns, iPhone 4S users will not have to pay huge bills at the end of the month after getting too chatty with the virtual assistant Siri.

Ars Technica found out after some tests (opens in new tab) that the average Siri query requires about 63KB of data and the average user asks for Siri's help about 11 times a day, without counting setting up reminders or taking dictations.

That would add up to a little more than 20MB of monthly data usage.

Considering that most users have typically 500 MB or even 1 GB on limited data plans, that means that even a chatty Siri won't boost your bill to a level you should be worried about.

For UK users all this concern from across the pond is a bit frustrating. Here, Siri doesn't come with all the functionality US users enjoy, such as the options of finding business and services, or traffic information, which will not be available until next year. So over here Siri will cost even less.

In the UK and the rest of the continent, Siri has a different personality. Psychologists considered that on the European market a male voice would be better received by users, who are more inclined to listen to the voice of authority.

And I thought we were supposed to boss Siri around!

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