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DotA 2 beta invites being sent out today

If you're one of the many who signed up for n invite to play the beta of Defense of the Ancients 2 (DotA 2), today could be your lucky day. Distributor Valve has begun sending them out.

But don't just check your own inbox, though. Get your friends to check theirs, as there are two ways to get into the beta: receive an invite yourself, or know someone who has. Each invite comes with codes for two friends, so you can play with your buddies.

The beta test has follows a flurry of activity from Valve. Yesterday it sent out a survey asking players questions like what characters they play in DotA, what level they usually are at the end of the game, and more.

Valve has also released a comic for the game called Tales from the Secret Shop, the first episode of which is entitled, "Are we heroes yet?"

What's quite interesting is that Valve has so far prioritised players of the original DotA, which makes a certain sense, given that they'll be best placed to test the basic game mechanics. However, one of the key principles of this new game is that it's supposed to be easier for newer players to pick up. Presumably at some point Valve will issue an open beta that will allow for other gamers to get a look in.

Valve recently beefed up its data servers, setting up a new one with DotA 2 expected to be the first title to utilise it. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.