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Eclipse Calls for Celebrations as it Turns 10

IBM, a decade ago released their Eclipse project as a part of the Eclipse Consortium which includes members like TogetherSoft, Borland, SuSe, IBM, Rational under open source license.

Now, in order to mark this milestone the Eclipse community is being inspired by Eclipse to organise its 10th birthday party along with demo camps and cakes, which is essential part of any celebration.

The events that will last for a month will be starting from 7th November and for this a list of dates as well as venues have been fixed.

Out of the all the parties the biggest party has been held at EclipseCon Europe that started from 2nd November. The keynote for the conference on the evening of opening was delivered by John Swainson.

He talked about the events which eventually helped IBM in 2001 to decide the sponsoring of Eclipse creation along with donation of code, people and intellectual property, reported by I-Programmer.

Executive director of Eclipse Mike Milinkovitch said, "You've got to give IBM a lot of credit; The Eclipse Foundation is a truly independent organization with a vendor-neutral governance model. And that has made all the difference", in an interview with Application Development Tools.