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Eye Tracking Study Reveals the Allure of Apple's iPhone, iPad over Android Devices

Some would say that Apple's devices are more eye-catching than the competition, but now, there is irrefutable proof of that fact, apparently.

EyeTrackShop (opens in new tab), the world's first platform for global eye tracking studies, released a report based on biometric tests showing that Apple's iPhone 4S and iPad 2 attract more attention. It also shows that people remained fixated on these devices for longer than on similar Android smartphones or tablets from Amazon, HTC, Motorola and Samsung, Elizabeth Woyke of Forbes (opens in new tab) reports.

Apple's financial results and the high level of popularity worldwide already hinted towards this result; but EyeTrackShop's Senior Vice President Of Client Services, Jeff Bander, declared in an interview that he never expected Apple to place so far ahead of the competition.

EyeTrackShop technologies tracked the gazes of 200 people to estimate the effectiveness of print and online ads, packaging designs, and stores as well as website layouts. In two separate sessions, each respondent had to look at five smartphones and 5 tablets for 10 seconds.

The average time spent by users looking at the iPhone was 2.3 seconds. "Over 100% more time was spent on the iPhone than the least popular phone and on the iPad than the least popular tablet," noted Bander.

Interestingly, among tablets the iPad and Amazon Kindle Fire came out level, but with a huge gap to their closest rival tablets. Many see Amazon's tablet, which has seen phenomenal presales, as the first real challenger to the iPad's dominance.

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