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Gen Y Will Work for Less if Given Access to Social Media and Mobile Technology

A new Cisco survey has revealed that young professionals and college students are willing to work for lower salaries if given the desired mobile usage freedom and open access to the web.

The survey, which is a part of Cisco's Connected World Technology Report, questioned 2,800 young professionals and college students residing in 14 countries.

According to the survey, 33 percent of respondents would prioritise access to social media, the freedom to use mobile devices and mobility over their salaries. This indicates that the younger generation is not primarily focused on making money, as reported (opens in new tab)by ZDNet..

The company said that young professionals are looking for companies that can provide mobile networking, the freedom to use mobile devices and have a culture that balances work and personal lifestyle.

"In addition to the impact on business communications, the study provides proof that the next generation of employees and their technology demands will influence job decisions, hiring and a new age of work-life balance," said Sujai Hajela, VP and general manager, wireless networking business unit, Cisco.

"How businesses address these demands will inevitably affect their competitive advantage and HR success. It is not just a technology trend anymore -- it's a business trend," he added.