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Google Upgrades Search Features to Include Business Location Photos, Other Info

Google now provides photos along with other information about any local business as part of the search results.

This latest upgrade has made Google a direct competitor of other sites such as Yelp. This upgrade came a couple of weeks after lawmakers condemned Google over various allegations that they were abusing their dominant position in web search markets to squash rivals.

Now, Google Search for hotels, restaurants, museums and other establishments will provide users with a panel located at the right side of listed results to display various photos of the interior and exterior of the business, price details, hours of operation, a few popular dishes, list of menus, links to restaurant reviews, along with information of transit.

On a blog post, Google said that it will provide the new feature, already available in some queries, in "the coming weeks."

In an email a Google spokeswoman said, "Our goal in making changes to the way we present search results is to get people the information they're looking for as quickly and effortlessly as possible," the Huffington Post reported.