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Hard disk shortage to last six months after Thai floods

A worldwide hard disk shortage caused by recent severe flooding In Thailand is set to continue for at least six months.

The floods, which have caused devastation on a massive scale, have affected many hard drive production facilities sitting in their path.This has led to a massive shortage in HDD production, bringing about global shortages, price rises, increased SSD sales and more. The knock on affects in just this one microcosm of the tech industry are huge.

While the waters are set to subside in a few weeks, the cleanup operation is expected to take far longer; likely several months. This will involve repairing equipment, clearing up debris and replacing parts of fabrication facilities, further delaying a return to peak output. IDC and iSuppli said that there has been a drop of over 25 per cent in worldwide availability of the drives - and that this will continue for up to six months.

Floods overtook several factories, with Western Digital's facilities appearing to have been hardest hit. IDC has said that WD lost around 75 per cent of its production facilities, at least for the time being.

These shortages have led to a rise in hard disk prices. Early estimates of a ten per cent hike have now been surpassed that mark, and with after-effects of the flooding not going away anytime soon, prices are expected to continue to climb.

With the availability of HDDs falling, Solid State Disk (SSD) sales are on the up with many people taking the closing price gap between the two storage mediums as an excuse to finally splash out on solid state storage. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.