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IE Swiftly Losing Browser Market Share, Safari Tops Mobile Browser List

After ruling for more than a decade, Internet Explorer is no longer the highly used web explorer. By October, Internet Explorer failed to achieve more than half traffic on the Web.

Giving strong competition to Internet Explorer is Safari that secured 62.17 percent of overall mobile traffic eventually effecting overall share of IE's web browsing. However, IE has been able to secure 52.63 percent of Web traffic on desktop, reported by Netmarketshare.

The absence of this default Microsoft browser from the arena of tablets and mobile is a big reason that its usage is declining. Almost 6 percent of Web traffic at present is consumed by the smartphone and tablets.

Till the month of October, Firebox secured 21.20 percent traffic that made this browser second most popular browser which is closely followed by Google Chrome accounting for 16.60 percent traffic and Safari accounting 8.72 percent traffic.

Chrome made a considerable expansion in the month of October when their desktop market share increased by 1.42 percent. Google Chrome also recently completed three years of operation.

On the other hand, mobile Web market has been dominated by Safari that gained 6.44 percent of the mobile market in just one month.