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Lenovo Expects Disruption in Hard Disk Supplies Due to Thai Floods

On Wednesday, world's second largest PC maker Lenovo Group Ltd. announced that they are expecting some constraints on the supplies of hard disk drive during the first quarter of 2012 due to heavy flood in Thailand that affected the global supplies.

Analysts are saying that the PC makers in Asia are mainly suffering due to two reasons, one is decline in demand during holiday season at the end of the year which was expected and secondly shortage of components of PCs due to flood submerging industrial parks in Thailand, Reuters reported.

Lenovo, the Chinese PC maker said in a statement, "Lenovo is still assessing the full impact, but does anticipate some constraints on the availability of hard disk drives (HDDs) as a result of the flooding in Thailand," Reuters added.

Lenovo made it clear that currently they have enough hard disk drive to meet the demands but in not-so-far future they might face problems. Currently, Lenovo is lagging behind HP Co. in global ranking for the PC market.

This year's Thai flood is the worst flood in five decades, almost 373 people were killed due to flood since mid-July and lives of 2.5 million people have been disrupted.