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Opera Updates Opera Mini Browser

Opera has updated its mobile browser, Opera Mini, to version 6.5 and will now offer it to all iOS devices, Blackberry, Symbian S60, Java enabled phones as well as Android handsets.

The browser now comes with a nifty new data usage log that allows you to see your data usage but only on the browser.

Opera said in a blog that "The new browser now enables consumers to keep better track of data costs when surfing the Web. By saving up to 90% of data cost, Opera Mini lets you save money and more."

Obviously, the data meter only takes into account browser usage rather than smartphone usage which means that you will have to refer to your smartphone's settings should you want to check for global data consumption.

Of course for those on unlimited, all you can eat data contracts, such as Three's The One Package, the argument about data saving is irrelevant.

Still early tests show that Opera manages to display webpages faster due to its built in compression capabilities, something the guys at Opera failed to mention.

Opera's proprietary server-side compression technology is also used on its desktop-bound Opera browser and has also caught the attention of Amazon who offers something similar on its Kindle Fire browser, Amazon silk.

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