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PlugBug: Charge Your iPad and Mac at the Same Time

Do you often find all your Apple devices waiting in line for their turn to be charged? If so, Twelve South offers a solution to speed up the process.

PlugBug, a recently released USB charger, with a sleek and simple design to complement any Apple device, has already received good reviews and comments from users. The 10 W PlugBug can plug into a wall outlet or into a MacBook and allows any device capable of recharging via a USB port to gain access to power, ZDnet (opens in new tab) reports.

Actually, the wall charger "piggybacks" your MacBook Power adapter and creates an all-in-one charger for both MacBook and iPad or iPhone. Advertised as a charger to provide the fastest charge possible for an iPad, iPod or iPhone, PlugBug is expected to be a real hit among frequent travellers, who find themselves in situations where the power supply is overwhelmed by the number of devices with drained batteries.

Another of the helpful features is that this charger also acts as an international power converter. As the company's website advertises, the device is specifically built for compatibility with Apple devices, and even though it can function as a standalone charger, it is meant to ease the life of MacBook users.

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