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'Skinny' is Slimmest iPad 2 Case with Built-in Keyboard

Hatch & Co, a Taipei-based company, recently announced (opens in new tab) the release of the world's slimmest case for iPad 2 with an integrated keyboard.

Advertised as complementing the simplicity of Apple's design, Skinny is an elegant case, slimmer than a regular pen, with faux leather covering and a 0.07-inch thick keyboard inside.

The keyboard has Bluetooth capabilities allowing it to pair easily with any iPad or iPhone. In addition, the Skinny QWERTY keyboard uses the touch technology used by mobile phones, which makes it incredibly responsive.

The ultra thin keyboard has a special texture and includes multimedia hotkeys that allow the user to easily control the volume, music and even the input language. Four LED lights give indications on low battery, charging, caps/symbol lock, and connection.

Although it might seem delicate judging by the exterior appearance, the keyboard is spill-proof and dust-proof. This is really good news for the users who need to work in coffee shops or restaurants and occasionally spill their drinks on the keyboard, Skinny has built-in protection from such annoying accidents.

The innovative case is available on the Hatch & Co website (opens in new tab) in two colour options, white and black, both for the same price of $90.

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