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Symantec releases new security products for Android, with a scream

Makers of computer security products Symantec has launched Norton tablet and an update for the mobile phone security app, which includes a new scream feature that helps finding lost or stolen devices quickly

Norton tablet security, along with new the updated Norton mobile security are both aimed at the Android platforms, to help in the protecting of consumer's devices.

Norton’s tablet version is designed specifically for the Android tablet OS, whilst protecting the device and the user’s data against loss, theft and viruses.

The web-based anti-theft feature allows users to remotely lock a lost or stolen device, with a custom message on the lock screen and a picture being taken from the front-facing camera – along with being able to track the device, from an on-line map.

There is also anti-malware abilities that automatically scans all the apps and updates downloaded to the mobile device, along with SD cards and for any threats. This is in addition to the web protection, where Norton’s safe web technology alerts to known fraudulent and malicious websites.

The Norton mobile security now offers a ‘scream’ feature that allows users to remotely activate an alarm on a missing phone, also locate, lock and wipe the device from an SMS command and via a list of predefined trusted contacts.

There are also the same anti-theft capabilities as the tablet version, with the way of locating the device, lock screen message, anti-malware and picture taking too.

Norton tablet security is available now both on-line and in stores for £29.99, with the mobile security app costing £24.99 where the new features will be accessible soon to those who have already bought the software.

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