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Timothy Pearson Updates KDE 3.5 Fork Trinity

Timothy Pearson has decided to continue with development of KDE 3.5 under another name - Trinity. This is in view of the fact that KDE 4's performance has been very disappointing and also it had various other complications and shortcomings.

Recently, three major updates were released for the Trinity Desktop Environment which provides an alternative path of upgrade for KDE users who are not too comfortable with KDE 4.

KDE 4 majorly faces problems of performance and also stability. It frequently crashes and the crash reporter also manages to crash successfully. Even though crashing of system does not cause major harm but definitely it hampers in working.

Performance is another major concern and at times there are issues which often create problems and require attention.

So a worthy and effective alternative of KDE 4 is the KDE 3.x which is being developed as an open source platform and is called Trinity Desktop Environment, version 3.5.13 of which is its first third release recently made its entry in the market.

The Trinity project has fixes and patches which are new and also enhancements from various distributors like Chakra, OpenSUSE, and Ubuntu.