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Use this Dual Case to Get the Most out of 2 iPads

If you think that one iPad is not enough and you're contemplating adding a companion, now you can get the Dual iPad 2 Case from ZooGue to hold them together.

As a review from Wired (opens in new tab)points out, two iPads can be double the fun or maybe can be twice as useful for getting your work done with the new accessory that was announced recently.

The second iPad could be an option for bloggers who need to see the text on a different screen while they are typing, or for video or photo editors who also need to preview the result of their work on a larger display while they are applying filters and effects.

Obviously, there is always the choice of connecting Bluetooth keyboards or even doing your work on a computer, but let's put that aside for now. ZooGue's Dual iPad 2 Case holds the two iPads side by side, secured by Velcro. The interested users will also receive a band to safely keep their iPads in the car attached to the headrests, and of course, smart covers.

However, the most important aspect is that the limited edition cases are being auctioned for charity. The earnings will be sent to the Alabama Autism Assistance Program.

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