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Yahoo! Creates Apps for Smartphones, Tablets and PCs

Yahoo! has created a series of smartphone, tablet and PC apps in an effort to maintain its online presence, according to a Wall Street Journal report (opens in new tab).

Yahoo!, which gets more than 700 million visitors on its online properties every month, released the LiveStand iPad app, which allows users to customise news and blog content to view in a magazine-like fashion on the large screen iPad tablet.

The app has been designed to support HTML5, JavaScript and CSS and features content from not only Yahoo's media sources, but from more than 100 news sources online. The app, which is only available in the US, is available from the iTunes App Store for free.

The company also introduces the Yahoo! Weather app for Android, which allows people to get weather information based on their location and other features. An added feature allows users to view weather pictures, powered by Flickr via a crowd sourcing project.

Yahoo! also released the IntoNow app for the iPad, which scans a user's TV activity, whether live or recorded, to give content suggestions and give access to related content on the basis of user content. The app also lets users share TV activities with friends.