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Apple Gives App Developers More Time to Accept New 'Sandboxing' Requirements

Apple has granted developers a few more months to accept Apple's sandboxing requirements or bid adieu to the Mac Application Store.

To increase security, Apple wants their apps, available through Mac App Store, to operate within Lion's new sandboxing framework. Originally Apple had set a deadline of November for app developers. However, on Wednesday, Apple pushed this deadline back until March 1, 2012 as published (opens in new tab) on the Apple-developer website.

For some developers, the November deadline was fine, but other developers claimed that Apple's condition is imposing unnecessary limitations as well as decreasing functionality in APIs of the sandboxing.

The primary concern over sandboxing is its implications for developers as well as end users. A security technique, sandboxing can be compared to the final line of defense against buggy, exploiters, and other compromised apps.

Apple, through this technique, is trying to maintain safety and security of app and programs distributed via Mac App Store.

The modus operandi of this security technique is very simple. It isolates a program by creating a "sandbox" set up around it that sets it apart from the rest of the system. But the system is incapable of doing this on its own, so developers would have to turn sandboxing on for each program.