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Barnes & Noble Nook tablet to launch November 16th

US bookseller Barnes & Noble is looking to rain on Amazon's parade, offering up its own tablet PC, the Nook, just a day after its rival's Kindle Fire is released - in the US of course.

B&N wasn't expected to launch its own tablet device until sometime in 2012 (opens in new tab), but after Engadget (opens in new tab) got its mits on some internal documents, it lnow ooks like it's going to be coming much sooner than anticipated.

Trouble is, there's not much about the new Nook to differentiate it from its predecessor, the Nook Colour. It's set to feature a 7in VividView IPS colour touchpanel with a resolution of 1024x600. This is the same as the Kindle Fire, making it - at least in display terms - competitive.

Internally, there's a dual-core 1.2GHZ OMAP4 CPU, backed by 1GB of internal memory. And all this is packed inside a chassis measuring 8.1x5x.048in. The new Nook's internal storage will be 16GB - double the quantity proposed for Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Engadget reports that battery life will be up to eight hours with WiFi turned off - though if youyou take advantage of the device's HD video playback capabilities, this dips to a less impressive 4 hours.

Price-wise, the Nook is expected to debut at $250; $50 more than the Kindle Fire. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.