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Best Buy Gives Free HTC Smartphone With Modern Warfare 3

Best Buy will give a free HTC smartphone to anyone who buys the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, a game that comes out on Tuesday and is likely to be one of the year's best sellers.

The phones included in the deal are: the Evo 4G for Sprint Nextel, the Incredible 2 for Verizon Wireless, and the Inspire 4G for AT&T; as expected the catch is that customers will have to sign up for a two year contract.

The promotion - which is only valid in the US - also includes a free case for the phone as well as an Elite app which offers a number of in-game options.

The deal is part of an ongoing strategy by Best Buy aimed at improving its mobile presence. The company plans to invest a whopping $25 million in marketing to promote its position in the mobile market.

Best Buy was a launch partner of the HTC Rezound and was alongside Verizon and HTC at the launch event. It is also a prominent Apple partner and was the first non-Apple store to sell the iPhone.

The company is also present in the UK thanks to a partnership with Carphone Warehouse. Best Buy also offers mobile contracts as well, although Carphone Warehouse is the one handling orders.