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Ceglia Files Lawsuit Against Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg Over Deleted E-Mail

In a interesting turn of events Paul Ceglia, who claims to be an owner of half of social networking giant Facebook, asked for sanctions against Mark Zuckerberg. He is alleging that Zuckerberg deleted e-mails which proved their partnership.

Yesterday, Ceglia filed papers in a federal court in Buffalo, New York, in which he stated that Zuckerberg deleted e-mails from Ceglia's Harvard University mail account after Zuckerberg learned the e-mail may be used in the lawsuit, reported (opens in new tab)Bloomberg business week.

Ceglia also appealed for an order which would prevent Zuckerberg as well as Facebook from arguing the authenticity of those e-mail correspondence.

Ceglia filed a lawsuit last year against Facebook and its CEO. He claims that he and Zuckerberg came in contact in 2003 with the purpose of designing and developing a Web site which became Facebook.

In his plea, Ceglia cited a number of e-mails exchanged between himself and Zuckerberg. The contents of the e-mails varied from development, design and other business plans related to Facebook, according to Ceglia's claim.

Orin Snyder, Facebook's attorney, told to a news agency that, "These filings by Ceglia and his latest lawyer are truly delusional," as reported (opens in new tab)by CNet.

He also added, "These are the desperate acts of a man whose fraudulent lawsuit has now been fully exposed."