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Corporate Changes After JCP Election; VmWare Out, Twitter In

The results of a recent election revealed that VMware is no longer a member of the Java Community Process SE/EE Executive Committee. The latest entry to the committee is micro blogging site Twitter. Zing Java Virtual machine maker, Azul Systems, was also able to secure an open seat on the board.

JCP is known for fostering and overseeing various developments of open-source programming language.

SAP, Ericsson and Intel were successfully re-elected for ratified seats. Nokia, IBM and SK Telecom were able to gain re-election to the ratified seats on the committee of Java ME. Werner Keil along with ARM Limited were also given open seats.

A report published originally on Oracle's Aquarium blog revealed that about 23 percent of those eligible voted. "That's much more than the 11% seen for the 2011 EC Special Election, but probably less than what one could hope for," states the report, according (opens in new tab) to Computer World.

Oracle got control over Java via acquisition of Sun microsystems. Committee bylaws state that despite holding a permanent position on the committee, Oracle is prohibited from dominating JCP.