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Google Search Rolls with 'Do a Barrel Roll'

Google's coolest, latest and most awesome feature is the barrel roll. It is a very simple yet amusing feature. When the user types "Do a barrel roll" on the Google search bar the browser performs a barrel roll.

It is the latest Google gag, which is gaining popularity fast. As this latest feature is built on HTML 5 it is not supported by all the browsers and for best results Firefox and Google Chrome are the best, reported Mashable (opens in new tab).

Barrel roll can be performed either by typing "Do a barrel roll" or "Z or R twice" on the search bar. These two phrases refer to classic 1997 Nintendo game Star Fox 64.

In this game a rabbit, who is a veteran space pilot, Peppy asks the hero Fox McCloud to "do a barrel roll" and by pressing "Z" or "R" twice the player can do the barrel. In fact, Peppy throughout the games asks McCloud to do this many times. The popularity of this game made this phrase extremely popular on the web, which has achieved a cult status now.

There are no official records since when this feature is operating on Google which has been considered as Google Easter egg.

Ravi Mandalia

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