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Goupon Becomes an IPO with $20 Stock Shares

In a major breakthrough, Groupon recently concluded the long process towards becoming an initial public offering.

Late Thursday, Groupon stated that company is pricing its IPO at $20 per share which is above the $16 to 18$ per share range set by the Chicago-based company two weeks ago.

Before its debut Friday on the Nasdaq Stock Market Index, Groupon was valued at almost $13 billion.

Just two weeks ago, this valuation was around $11 billion. Groupon is one of the most closely speculated Web IPOs in the current year, as reported (opens in new tab) by The Wall Street Journal.

The increased price is a sign that investors have shown interest in investing with Groupon. Another indication is that, currently, Groupon is flaunting the increased size of their stock sale by five million shares.

Figuratively, this means Groupon could sell 40.25 million shares or 6.3 percent of the total shares, which has risen to $805 million.

$20 per share is a huge stake of the company's top executives and also investors. At present, Chief Executive Andrew Mason would be worth around $940 million.