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IBM Introduces New Business Analytics and Security Threat Detection Tools

IBM has expanded its security portfolio with new data analytics offerings.

In enhancing its security offerings, the company has created advanced data analytics and real-time analysis of security threats for its customers.

The new tools and services introduced by IBM have been designed to allow organisations to scan their systems in real-time to see the security threats attacking their systems and make decisions accordingly.

Some of the new additions to the security portfolio include a new dashboard which will provide real-time analysis and identification of security threats, tools to conduct on-demand analysis of individual IP addresses and a new automated engine that provides threat alerts to businesses.

The services are not only designed to alert businesses about security threats but are also capable of scanning and analysing massive amounts of real-time data to help organisations improve and expand their security strategies.

"IBM recognizes a client's need to get ahead of threats in today's complex security landscape," said Marisa Viveros, vice president, IBM Security Services, as reported (opens in new tab)by eWeek.

"We are applying our nearly five decades of security experience to help clients move from a reactive position to a proactive one, using analytics to anticipate threats as they appear instead of after the fact," she added.