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IBM Supercomputer Used to Determine Wind Turbine Locations

Wind energy company Vestas is using IBM's supercomputer to determine where it should position its wind turbines to generate maximum results.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on Triple Pundit, the company is using IBM's Firestorm supercomputer to analyses massive amounts of data to determine the best location for its wind turbines.

The supercomputer is being used alongside IBM's Big Insight software platform to analyse over 20 Petabytes of data generated from weather reports, geospatial and sensor data, tidal phases, deforestation maps, satellite images and weather modelling research.

The company claims the analysis, which would have taken weeks to complete, can now be done in under an hour using the supercomputer.

"Vestas turbines operate for decades and clients demand to know how much energy they will produce and what their return on investment will be before they are installed," said Lars Christian Christensen, Vice President of Plant Siting and Forecasting, Vestas Technology R&D.

"Using IBM software and systems, we can now answer these questions quickly to identify new markets for wind energy and help our clients meet aggressive renewable energy goals," he added.