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iCloud Document Syncing Between Macs Surfaces

A new feature has been discovered on the Mac OS X Lion that allows people to sync and share files and documents across all of their Mac devices linked to the same iCloud account.

According to Apple Insider, Apple currently offers the ‘Document in the cloud' service for iCloud, which allows users to sync their iWork files across devices.

It has recently been discovered that the same service can also be used to sync files across all the Mac devices that are linked to the same iCloud account, in the same way as Dropbox is used.

It is clear that Apple has in position the functionality it needs to launch a service like this for iCloud, but it needs more polishing. The company has not yet indicated when it plans to unveil such functionality, but it is clear that the launch will come sooner or later.

In order to use the service users would first need to activate the ‘Documents and Data' syncing feature on iCloud. Then, users need to locate the ~/Library/ in their Home Folder and navigate to the ‘Mobile Document' folder.

Users can put anything in the folder and it will be synced across all of their Mac devices. It would be great if users put the Mobile Documents folder in the left side navigation pane for convenience.