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iPhone 4S Siri voice assistant suffers outage

Siri, the voice-controlled personal assistant that was the centrepiece of Apple's recent iPhone 4S launch, suffered an outage last night, with millions of users left unable to talk to their handsets.

Apple news site iSmashPhone first broke the news, after reports from frustrated users began to circulate on Twitter.

One user tweeted: "Wow, is Siri down? I keep getting the message that it cannot connect to the network. Reboot didn't help either," while another asked: "Is siri down for every one?"

While the Siri software itself is installed on the iPhone 4S handset itself, and interacts directly with some of the handset's other apps, the main work of processing voice commands is done remotely on Apple's servers - so the assistant needs a network connection to function, even if it's accessing locally stored content.

Apple has yet to comment on the outage, with normal service resumed in the early hours of the morning, UK time, a number of hours offline - and not before a great deal of grinding of teeth from fanbois, angry that they couldn't play with their new toy. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.