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Microsoft Boasts of 2 Million iOS 5 Hotmail Users, 100000 Signups Every Day

Software giant Microsoft has claimed that 2 million iOS 5 users are using its Hotmail email client, with the client receiving 100,000 new users every single day.

The spike in Hotmail usage on iOS devices is due to the fact Apple has provided a new Add Account on iOS 5 which makes it easier for users to link their Hotmail emails to their iDevice.

In a blog post, the company said that 40 percent of iPhone 4 users on iOS 5 have added their Hotmail accounts while around 25 percent of iPhone 4S users have done so.

Meanwhile, around 12 percent iPhone 3GS users had linked Hotmail with their device. The Wi-Fi model of iPad 2 had 6 percent linking their tablet devices to Hotmail.

"Hotmail is the world's leading email service, and last year we added support for Exchange Active Sync, allowing customers around the world to sync their Hotmail inbox, calendar, and contacts to their mobile phones through the power of Exchange," Microsoft said.

The Hotmail platform, part of the Windows Live experience, is available as an app on the Windows Phone, BlackBerry, iOS and now Android as well, Microsoft said, claiming that now was a good time to switch to Hotmail.