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Microsoft Gifts iOS, Android Users New Bing App

Microsoft, in an announcement, unveiled its application which will let Android phone users and Apple user enjoy access to its Bing search engine.

This will be exposing the search technology of Redmond to a better and bigger audience but at the same time this will pose questions regarding the confidence of this company in its own platforms.

Microsoft Bing has different versions for different devices and comes with support for Apple devices like iPhone, iPad and iPad Touch and also for Android powered tablets and phones. An interesting trivia about Bing is that it is built on HTML5 platform whereas Microsoft's Silverlight multimedia display technology is capable of running on Apple iOS as well as Google's Android.

Product manager of Bing Mobile, Santana Basu, commented on this that HTML5 was opted by Microsoft to deliver a superior user experience that "combines the best of both the browser and apps world" which was published on The Bing Community Blog.

Exposing of Bing to Android and Apple can open new avenues for the company as these two platforms are together holding 71 percent of the total mobile operating systems market in US currently.