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Microsoft to Launch SQL Server 2012 Database in Early 2012

Microsoft will be launching its SQL Server 2012 database in 2012 which includes the latest business-intelligence SKU along with core-based licensing.

To be launched during the first few months of 2012, the SQL Server from Microsoft will have a number of movable parts. There are lots of things being said about this server. While some of the talk is speculation, there is some concrete information available.

The 2012 series includes three main editions: Enterprise, Standard and Business Intelligence (BI). Web developer as well as Express versions will also be available for SQL Server 2012, but no official details have been released yet.

Details have been posted on the Microsoft SQL server page, according to

With the launch of the new SQL Server, Microsoft will be eliminating three SKUs which are currently present, according to an FAQ document posted on the Microsoft website.

Three SKUs to be eliminated include Workgroup, which will be replaced by Standard, Datacenter whose features will be available on the Enterprise Edition, and Standard for small businesses.