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Sony: games can only be activated on two PlayStations

Sony PlayStation 3 owners will in future only be able to share their downloaded games between two devices.

Gaming news website Shacknews reports the change will come into force on November 18th. The reason given for the move is that gamers are alleged to have been sharing passwords amongst themselves, allowing one user to buy a game for up to five people. The original intention of the share system was to allows gamers to play their downloaded titles where they like if they own more than one console

However, it seems unlikely that many people own multiple PS3s or multiple PSPs, so for the majority of people, sharing codes between friends will still go on - it'll just be with the one friend you really like.

The caveat to all this is that it won't apply to game purchases made before November 18th, so if you were planning any purchases, now might be the time to make them.

Sony released a couple of statements saying that the new system will help, "protect the rights of content providers."

One of the major concerns from users though is for failed consoles. If you haven't been able to get on to a console to deactivate a game before the system dies, you wouldn't be able to re-use the game if your second PS3 goes the way of the first.

This still seems like a stretch - but if you end up in a situation like this, Sony have suggested contacting their customer support. In the future, though, Sony has said it will be providing a new remote deactivation website that would get rid of any issues experienced with broken consoles. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.