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Samsung to Push Bada on Smartphones

Korean Chaebol Samsung has confirmed that it wants to promote its own homegrown operating system, Bada OS, alongside Android OS, Windows Phone and the newly released Intel-backed Tizen.

Samsung's Keith O'Brien told The Inquirer that the company wants its OS to be rolled out on roughly a sixth of its devices, the same amount as Windows Phone.

By comparison, Android is expected to account for roughly two thirds of Samsung smartphone devices next year, while Tizen's share should be equal to zero.

O'Brien claims that Samsung has a third of the UK mobile phone market with its share of the smartphone market hovering at around 25 percent.

There are also plans to enhance integration amongst devices, with hints that Bada OS will play a role in implementing those plans.

He also says that Samsung will be launching a movie or film service which will allow users to rent or buy movies on smartphones and tablets.

Like Sony's music unlimited and video unlimited, there will also be a music equivalent in the near future. LG is also said to be mulling over pans to launch a similar venture and HTC has already jumped on the content bandwagon with HTC Watch.

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