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Samsung Under Investigation by EU Commission; Possible FRAND Patent Abuse

The war between Apple and Samsung over patent rights took a new turn when the European Commission initiated a preliminary investigation against Samsung under the pretext of possible FRAND patent abuse committed against Apple.

In a California court, Apple recently filed a document which made this news public. It stated that, "Samsung's litigation campaign and other conduct related to its Declared-Essential Patents is so egregious that the European Commission recently has opened an investigation to determine whether Samsung's behavior violates EU competition laws," as reported (opens in new tab) by Webwereld.

This antitrust investigation conducted by EU regulator's could force Samsung to take back most of its claims against Apple.

On this, Samsung said, "Samsung has at all times remained committed to fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing terms for our wireless standards-related patents," as reported (opens in new tab) by The Inquirer.

About the investigation, the Korean firm has acknowledged they have received a request from the European Commission for disclosure of information and that they are fully cooperating.

Apple's court filing claims that Samsung launched an "aggressive" campaign against them worldwide. The filing also mentioned that Samsung has initiated suit against Apple in not less than eight countries outside US.