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UK MP's Urge Mobile Operators to Stop Delay of 4G Auctions

A group of MPs in the UK are urging mobile operators to stop delaying the auction of spectrum, which would allow the availability of 4G mobile network services.

The delay of 4G service comes from the Commons Media, Sports Select and Culture committee. According to reports published in the BBC, the UK is one of the last countries in Europe to hold 4G auctions.

Last month, it was reported in The Inquirer that the reason behind this delay was because of Ofcom, a telecom watchdog. Ofcom was supposed to hold the auctions in early 2012 right after consultation. However, they postponed it until the end of 2012. Ofcom, in its defense, blamed the consultation process for this delay.

MP, John Whittingdale, chair of the committee commented that, "We believe that the basic rules for the auction which Ofcom has laid down are sensible and fair, and that further delays will result in the UK falling further behind in this vital area."

He added, "The auction needs to proceed as soon as possible," as reported by The Inquirer.