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Veeam Software V-index Q3 Survey; 86.5 Percent of Enterprise Servers Virtual

As per Veeam Software's V-index for third quarter of 2011, over one-third or 38.9 percent of all servers among businesses surveyed were virtual; with 86.5 percent of businesses into virtualisation to some extent.

According to the businesses surveyed, physical hosts are currently hosting nine virtual machines on average.

But the ratio of virtual machines to physical hosts of every individual business was 5:1, stated the same report, published on (opens in new tab).

Out of the businesses that use virtualisation servers, 84 percent use VMware, 53 percent use Citrix Xen, 43 percent use Microsoft Hyper-V and 16 percent are users of other hypervisors.

On the other hand, businesses using desktop virtualisation, out of them, 75 percent are using VMware, 56 percent use Citrix, 45 percent are using Microsoft Hyper-V and 7 percent goes for other hypervisors.

The survey also revealed that 81 percent of businesses that use virtualisation is expected to rise over the next year. The reasons behind this rise vary, but may point to technological enhancements.