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Windows 8 Will Fuel Qualcomm Growth Beyond Handsets and Tablets

Qualcomm's President and executive vice president, Steve Altman and Steve Mollenkopf, shed some light on the long term strategy of the company surrounding Windows 8 during the company's earnings conference call.

Mollenkopf confirmed that Windows 8 on Arm will make computers behave just like smartphones. They will run on a low power mode and will remain connected to the network in an always up to date state.

He added that the OS is likely to be a significant opportunity for the company, as Qualcomm will be able to compete on the desktop and laptop segments, something it tried to do with the Smartbook model a few years ago, but failed.

Altman revealed that there are several chipsets being developed by Qualcomm that will support Windows 8 and the company believes that this "will be a pretty interesting market" in the next few years.

Qualcomm reported revenues of $4.12 billion for the last quarter with earnings of $1.06 billion. The company shipped a whopping 483 million CDMA handsets and has rolled out 300 Snapdragon devices with 350 more in development.

It would be interesting to find out whether Qualcomm emulates the likes of Nvidia, TI, AMCC and Calxeda and releases a server chip in 2012.

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