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£39.99 Technika BRSS10 Blu-Ray Disc Player with DVD Upscaling

Technika known for its relatively cheap consumer electronics products brings to you the BRSS10 Blu-ray player that lets you enjoy full high-definition video playbacks from Blu-ray discs at a fraction of a cost as that of other players.

The BRSS10 doesn't come with all fancy features that normally won't get used. Technika has put in only the essential components and features for day-to-day usage. The player lets you enjoy HD video with upto 1080p resolution. The player is also capable of upscaling DVD playback to 1080p resolution for enhanced picture quality.

The BRSS10 also features Picture in Picture (PiP) functionality. Being equipped with an HDMI port you can plug this player into any HD Ready HDMI TV or monitor. A SCART socket lets you plug this player into one of your old TVs as well.

In case you fancy accessing content over the Internet, a wired Ethernet connection is also provided that would enable you to enjoy BD-Live features. The Blu-ray player also has integrated surround sound features. The Technika BRSS10 is refurbished.

The Technika BRSS10 Blu-Ray Disc Player with DVD Upscaling is available from eBay for £39.99.