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£64.98 Extra Value 250-690 250GB Freeview Recorder

Extra value 250-690 TV recorder lets you pause and rewind live TV and the built in twin Freeview tunes provide you with a wide range of recording and viewing options.

Through the 250-690, you can watch one channel while recording another or even record two channels simultaneously with the option of playing back a previous recording! The combination of twin tuners and a 250 GB hard drive further allows you to record live TV.

One button record option allows you to start recording live TV without going through a sequence of elaborate steps. The audio isn't bad either with a 2 channel stereo output. With 1 SCART socket you can connect the recorder with all standard digital set top boxes out there.

Some of the features are Series Link, 8 day TV planner, remote control (2xAAA batteries included).

Customer reviews are good as one user stated, "Reception is excellent with good definition and stable colour. Record/replay is very easy, my first try was to record 2 films on different channels at the same time."

The Extra Value 250-690 250GB Freeview Recorder is available from ebuyer for £64.98.