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Apple's Head Of Security Steps Down Following iPhone 4S Fiasco

John Theriault, Apple's vice president of global security, has stepped down following the controversial handling of the case of the lost iPhone prototype.

A while ago, Apple security employees, accompanied by San Francisco police, had raided the house of 22-year-old Sergio Calderon.

Calderon claimed that he thought the Apple employees were the police, and even claimed that they had threatened him by claiming that they might expose the immigration status of his family members.

Apple has yet to officially confirm the departure of its head of security at the time of writing but 9to5Mac was the first to break the story.

The lost iPhone prototype that caused the controversy turned out to be the iPhone 4S, which comes with the Siri voice activated virtual assistant.

John Theriault, who was previously the head of security at Pfizer, joined the company five years ago and led an operation in China to expose and bring down counterfeit iPhone device makers.

Theriault joins a long list of senior Apple employees who have left the company in the past few weeks including, head of retail Ron Johnson who is now the CEO of JC Penney and iAd chief Andy Miller.

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