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Adidas Offline After Nov. 3rd Cyber Attack to Conduct Investigation

Adidas has gone offline after a massive cyber attack, it has been revealed.

The company said that it was forced to take several of its websites offline after discovering a ‘sophisticated cyber attack' on November 3. Adidas claimed that it found no evidence which indicated that customer data had been stolen during the attack.

Adidas said that to conduct a forensic review of the attack, it had to take down several websites including,,, and some e-commerce websites, according (opens in new tab) to

Citing the privacy and protection of its customers as its top most priority, the company said that it has set-up additional security measures since discovering the attack.

"While we continue our thorough forensic review, we have taken down affected sites, including,,, and various local eCommerce shops, in order to protect visitors to our sites," Adidas said in a statement on its website.

"Nothing is more important to us than the privacy and security of our consumers' personal data. We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time," it added.

Finding no initial evidence of data theft does not mean that hackers did not get away with anything, however.