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Anonymous Says OpCartel Is A No-Go

Hacker collective Anonymous has decided to put a stop to its OpCartel movement, through which it wanted to expose people with links to the Mexican Zeta drug cartel.

Earlier we reported that, Anonymous, after the alleged kidnapping of a member, had vowed to expose the people behind the notorious cartel.

After a report from a security firm, which claimed that the Zeta cartel had hired its own security experts to go after the people who were trying to expose them, Anonymous backed down, claiming that the entire operation would end in loss of life.

"Loss of life will be a certain consequence if Anonymous releases the identities of individuals cooperating with cartels. The validity of the information Anonymous has threatened to reveal is uncertain, as it might not have been vetted," security firm Stratfor warned.

"This could pose an indiscriminate danger to individuals mentioned in whatever Anonymous decides to release," it added. Recently, a series of killings in Mexico by the cartel proved that it would take action against people who were trying to expose its leaders and members.