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Best Buy Cuts Price of Nook Color Tablet to $200

Best Buy has slashed the price of the Nook Color tablet from Barnes and Noble to $200, just days before its yet-to-be-named successor goes live and the Amazon Kindle Fire becomes available (ed: that's Best Buy US, Barnes & Noble doesn't sell the Nook Color in the UK).

The new price appeared on a tweet according to an Engadget report and could be part of a two pronged strategy aimed at undermining the launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire.

The old Nook is a favourite amongst hackers who have managed to root it and install Android. The new Nook is likely to be similar, making it even more proprietary and closed than the Amazon Kindle Fire.

The latter will be able to access Android's Marketplace and will come with a full dedicated browser, Amazon Silk.

That said, the new Nook Color is likely to have 16GB memory, twice that of the current Nook color and the Amazon Kindle Fire, plus an additional SD card slot which can triple the amount of memory.

It is expected to feature a more powerful SoC but also cost significantly more than either the current Nook or Amazon's new champ, by up to 50 per cent according to some estimates; this is more expensive than some fully fledged Android tablets like the Lenovo IdeaPad A1.

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