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Dropbox Aims for Enterprises Through Dropbox For Teams

With the purpose to please the information technology departments of the corporates, on Thursday, Dropbox is introducing the latest Dropbox for Teams.

Dropbox is basically a file sharing service between different devices through data storing in "the cloud". However, the problem with this program was the confidential files stored on the platform were out of control of the owner or company.

With Dropbox for Teams, Dropbox is also entering into the workplace from consumer technologies just like Gmail, iPhones and Skype.

A workplace analyst at Forrester Research, Ted Schadler, commented that, "With the ability of people to get what they want to get done with stuff they pay for themselves, the whole role of I.T. changes,"

Schadler thinks that there is a lot of work to be done before any big companies or businesses adopt the new service from Dropbox. The reason he says is, "because it doesn't have as much security and administration as they want", reported The New York Times.

With this service Dropbox will be competing with Apple, Google and which are already providing excellent services. In fact, this month Research in Motion and also Citrix Systems introduced their own cloud services.

Dropbox, which has 45 million users at present, started operating from 2007.