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Duqu Hackers Use Belgian Servers to Collect Stolen Data

According to security experts, after authorities closed down the system in India for collection of stolen data from infected machines corrupted by the Duqu computer virus, hackers are now using Belgian servers for rogue collection of the data.

Amidst speculation of it being the next big cyber threat post-Stuxnet virus, governments as well as security experts all around the world are working hard to discover the secret of Duqu's malware.

Symantec Corp's researchers revealed that they successfully identified a sample of the malware that was developed to establish communication with a particular server at Belgium's biggest Web-hosting company Combell Group.

In order to manage their illegal malicious activities the hackers either use or lease servers located at data centers, about which the data center operators are unaware.

Symantec reported on Tuesday that they informed Combell in advanced that their server was being used by the hackers. Combell told Reuters that they shut down the server on Thursday.

Combell Business Development Manager Tom Blast stated, "We investigated the case," and, he added, "we decided to shut down the server immediately."

Duqu malware was discovered two weeks ago when the Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security in Hungary found that this virus contains codes that are similar to Stuxnet. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.