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Firefox 8 Available for FTP Download

Mozilla has released Firefox 8 ahead of its November 8 launch on its FTP servers.

The release comes only a month after the company introduced Firefox 7 to the masses. The quick releases are a result of Mozilla adopting a faster release model, taking the lead from Google, whose rapid release cycle for Chrome has allowed it to gain a huge browser market share.

The company said that there won't be any difference between the Firefox 8 released now and the one to be released on November 8. The one released is the release candidate version and hopefully, if no major bugs are found, the same version is going to be shipped as a final build on November 8.

Some of the new features available on Firefox 8 include the ability to search Twitter from the in-built search bar, open tabs on-demand when the browser starts and the add-ons, which are installed by third party software will be disabled by default, as reported by Slashgear. This is an exciting release for those Firefox web browser fans.