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Ford Fixes Flaws in MyFord Touch In-Car System with New Upgrade

MyFord Touch system is an in-car system feature introduced by Ford, which, unfortunately, became the reason for a falling quality rating for the company.

But recently, The Associate Press reported that Ford is planning to introduce a major upgrade which will hopefully fix these problems and, at the same, time improve the company's reputation.

The present MyFord Touch system has a complicated and confusing display, which will be replaced with a simpler and user-friendly system.

Ford, at the beginning of 2012, will send approximately 250,000 flash drive copies, along with upgraded software for customers in U.S. who have MyLincoln Touch and MyFord Touch. These are the systems sold under Ford's luxury brand "Lincoln", as reported by USA Today.

The upgrade will take approximately 45 minutes - the owner can do it himself without any assistance. However, in case assistance is required, Ford dealers will complete the upgrade, free of charge.

Those who purchased vehicles with the MyFord Touch outside the US - about 200,000 buyers may or may not be eligible for the upgrade.