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Fujitsu Introduces New PRIMEHPC FX10 Supercomputer

Just for today, Fujitsu's new supercomputer, PRIMEHPC FX10, will be available for access all around the globe. This supercomputer is tremendously powerful and fast with the capability of scaling up to 23.2 petaflops per second.

The company commented that they developed this supercomputer with processors from down to middleware for the purpose of operation capacity. This powerful machine is capable of scaling up to 1,024 rack configurations to achieve 23.2 petaflop level of performance, according to SlashGear.

The aim of creating this device is to prevent any disaster and mitigation, development of drugs and other types of researches which demands very high performance from any computer.

The power source of the device is the SPARC64 IXfx unit of processors. Each processor unit has 16 cores and a cooling system that uses water to enhance the performance per watt. The standalone level of performance is 236.4 gigaflops, with every watt performing above 2 gigaflops.

The nodes included in this machine are capable of pack in 32GB or else 64GB of RAM. The company will start shipping the supercomputer in January 2012. The company aims to sell 50 units within the next three years.