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Google Not Dominating Search Says CEO

The Executive Chairman of Google Inc Eric Schmidt, claims that despite being the owner of the most popular search engine in the world, the company is not "dominant" in the search sector and faces stiff competition from various companies.

In the recently released document, which was filed at a Senate antitrust subcommittee, Schmidt wrote that, "Google has many strong competitors... Google has none of the characteristics that I associate with market power," Bloomberg reports.

The document was in response to the follow-up questions posed by lawmakers after the hearing that came on 21st September.

An antitrust investigation has been conducted against Google by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to ascertain whether they are harming competition. The US Government is trying to determine whether Google is in such an advantageous position so as to control prices and exclude other competitors. If the investigation proves to be positive then Google will be in violation of antitrust laws.

In the US, the market share of Google improved to 65.3 percent in the month of September, from 64.8 percent in the month of August, according to a report by market research firm ComScore.

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