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Google Looking to Highlight Web Journalists on Google News

Google will be offering writers a great new opportunity to promote their works on the internet. Google has given the writers an option to gain some spotlight for their identity beside their stories on Google News.

The declaration was made on The Inside Search, which is The Official Google Search blog. This tool is a very useful and important tool as Google rankings has an obvious and direct effect of any site's performance.

The only catch is that the writer cannot link any internet profile of their choice; they must sync their work to their Google+ account. This can be viewed as an effort by Google to create some interesting Google+ activity.

Even though Google is defending its social networking site and trying to re-assure to the world about the success of Google+ but reports from different sources are pouring in about the stagnancy of Google+. Analysts, users and in one occasion even a Google team member criticised Google's new social networking site.

This new tool is helpful and most probably will help to gain credibility for the writer and the readers will be able to see pictures, link to the writer's Google+ page and also check Circles added by the writer.